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By: Gary Walker

The corner house got my attention immediately. Nicely landscaped and with a well-manicured lawn, it had three late-model cars parked in front, two of them General Motors products.

As my dog and I were about to move on, I noticed a sticker on the back window of one of the vehicles, one I had never seen before on any other automobile — “ISLAM.”  […]

Later, I had the opportunity to visit the Islamic Cultural Center in north Fresno. I was greeted warmly by the Imam, Seyed Ali Ghazvini, a soft-spoken, friendly man with an imposing intellect.

I had heard him speak brief ly a couple of years ago at this same location before a group of about 100 Catholics, Portestants, Muslims and Jews during Interfaith Scholar Weekend. An annual event, this year’s gathering will take place from Feb. 10-12 at the Islamic Cultural Center, Temple Beth Israel and First Congregational Church. The theme is“Saving Paradise in this World.”

Amam Ali Ghazvini came here from Iraq in 1996. He says there are approximately 25,000-30,000 Muslims in the Valley, with four houses of worship in Fresno, read the entire article

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