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Denounce all violence

Friday, Sep. 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Fresno Bee

Rev. Natalie Chamberlain

United Christian Church

I feel compelled to write in the wake of the ongoing violence sparked by an anti-Mohammed video. In today’s world, there should be ways of protesting such libelous releases short of the violence we have seen. As a Christian, the most appalling part of this video release is that it may have been released by those claiming the name of Christ in order to spark violence.

I follow the Jesus who taught his followers to love one’s neighbors as oneself, to love one’s enemies and to return good for evil. This Jesus chose to go to the cross rather than return violence for violence. He forgave those who had a role in killing him. He called his followers to light in dark places. Anyone who intentionally incites violence with the goal of bringing death and destruction does not know the Jesus of the Biblical Gospels.

The predominant faith of our Valley is Christianity. It is my hope that the larger Christian community will stand together in denouncing violence, but also in denouncing the intentionally inflammatory video that led to the violence. My prayer is for a church that truly represents our Christ.

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