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ICCF condemns attacks on US diplomatic missions and the production of a movie disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno condemns in strongest words the attack on the United States diplomatic missions in the Middle East and the killing of the US diplomats including Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Civilians, diplomats and envoys have been and are offered immunity and protection in all laws, faiths and cultures including the faith of Islam.

ICCF also strongly condemns the production and the display of a movie depicting the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him & his progeny) in a demeaning manner. Such act of extremism can only breed extremism and endanger the interests of our nation.

ICCF calls on all Muslims to protest against this act of hatred in a peaceful manner, as the Prophet himself would respond to those who mocked and harassed him with offering prayer and forgiveness.

ICCF also calls on the protection of all diplomats, diplomatic missions, places of worship and civilians throughout the world

ICCF also strongly warns against similar acts of violence against places of worship, minorities and diplomatic missions in countries where a vacuum of power is anticipated to take a place.

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