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Friday 10/19- lecture by Hamid Entezam on “Islam at the Crossroads: Orthodoxy and Reform” at 7pm at ICCF

Don’t miss tonight’s lecture by Hamid Entezam on “Islam at the Crossroads: Orthodoxy and Reform” at 7pm at ICC

Below is a synopsis

Islam and Muslims have frequently been in the news over the past 3 decades. The press coverage is mostly political in nature involving extremist activities. What has been off the media’s radar is a theological struggle currently underway inside Islam. This struggle will have far-reaching implications for the future of Islam as well as international relations.
Debate and disagreement is common in theological circles and religious seminaries. However, the current debate goes far beyond differences of opinion on sacred texts and beliefs; it is about the necessity for reformation in Islam. Two scholarly camps are beginning to emerge: one arguing for orthodoxy, and the other for reform. At the moment, this theological divide has a higher profile in countries like Iran and Egypt, but in time it will gradually spread to the wider Islamic world. This debate has the potential to create another schism in Islam, perhaps on a par with the Sunni-Shi’a divide emerging in the early Islamic history.
This lecture will explore the main theological issues involved in the debate between Muslim reformers and traditionalists.

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