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Press Release April 16, 2013

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Fresno Islamic Community Speaks out Against Violence


It is with disbelief and sadness that Americans learned of the two explosions that rocked the area near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15, 2013.

The community of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno and the larger Central Valley Muslim community join our fellow citizens in condemning this criminal act perpetrated on innocent civilians.

As a principle of our faith, we unequivocally denounce this barbaric attack and stand firmly against those who would find any justification for it, as there is none, period.

We mourn the death of the three civilians who perished in the blasts and offer our condolences to their families.  We offer our spiritual support to the many injured and we pray for their speedy and full recovery.

We join President Obama in seeking to dispense “the full weight of justice” against those responsible.  We also applaud our president for his leadership in asking people not to “jump to conclusions before we have all the facts.”

American Muslims are part of the fabric of our society.  We reject all who see today’s tragedy as anything but atrocious.  We remind our fellow citizens that organizations like Al Qaeda are not representative of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.  In fact, the majority of the victims who fall prey to such organizations are Muslims themselves.

Contact Name: Seyed Ali Ghazvini
Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno

contact number : (559) 297-9535


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