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ICCF Stands With The Sikh Community

For Immediate Release-ICCF Stands With The Sikh Community

The Islamic cultural Center of Fresno denounces the attack on P. Singh an 82-year old member the local Sikh community on Sunday May 5, 2013. Our thoughts and prayers go to the victim as well as to his family. We stand with our Sikh brothers and sisters in condemning this senseless brutal crime against a defenseless, innocent man. We commend Fresno police and other local law enforcement agencies for the outstanding job they do daily to insure the safety of our citizens. We are relieved and thankful for the quick work leading to the capture of the assailant. We call upon local residents to be vigilant and to always report suspicious and criminal activity to the police. Tonight we pray alongside the Sikh community for the speedy and full recovery of P. Singh. We pray for the continued excellent relationships and the peaceful cohabitation that the Central Valley’s diverse community has enjoyed for many years.

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