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Muslims celebrating Eid Al Fitr across the globe

Photos on link and below:

The sighting of the full moon on Thursday marked the end of Ramadan and beginning of Eid al Fitr for Muslims around the world.

It was time for Muslims across the world to celebrate the three-day festive holiday through Eid traditions, including morning Eid prayers, big feasts, family visits, firework shows and festivals.

Celebrators shared a mix of gleeful and proud emotions, as the well-deserved celebration came after a hard month of fasting and resisting life’s various vices and temptations.

Children especially enjoy Eid, as they are traditionally treated to new clothes and are given money as an “eedeyeh” (monetary Eid gift) by their elders.

Adults on the other hand indulge in parties and give money or food to the poor as a way of thanking God for everything that he has blessed them with.

Meanwhile, houses are adorned with lights and decorations, announcing the arrival of the most joyous occasion in the Islamic calendar.

Muslims across the world celebrated Eid Al Fitr in style – take a look at our selection of the most stunning pictures across the globe.

Eid Mubarak!

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