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2016 Ramadan Art Contest

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Following the magnificent success of last year’s Ramadan Art Contest organized by ICCF and the overwhelming response of many artists, ICCF is announcing the Ramadan Art Contest for 2016.

The objective of the contest is to encourage artistic creativity in portraying the traditions of the month of Ramadan and the practices associated with fasting.

This year’s contest theme is regarding one of the core teachings of the

                                                         Prophet Muhammad (S):

“Respect Your Elders”


Artists 18 and older: 1st Prize $1500

Artists under 18: 1st Prize $500

Deadline to receive art work June 1, 2016

The flyer/submission form with all rules can be found here.  If you know anyone who would like to participate we encourage you to let them know.

For more info, please visit our website or call: 559-297-9535