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Last Sunday’s Condemnation of the Mass Killing in Orlando

Last night, the city of Orlando, Fl. and our nation as a whole were shook by a bloody and ruthless act of violence. At least 50 people were killed and more than 50 more were injured in the deadliest mass shooting in our Nation’s recent memory.

Unfortunately, there are people in our world who, motivated by hatred and misguidance, are driven to violence and brutality. Additionally unfortunate is that while Islam is a peaceful and loving religion, this crime was carried out by a man with a Muslim name.

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno condemns all and every act of hatred, terrorism and violence against any and all of us. We ask our compatriots to remember that we stand with you against violence and hatred and our religion is a distant cry from the acts of those who wish to bring people harm and pain. We pray for the families and friends of the victims, and we implore our Creator to guide our nation to eradicate itself of hatred and violence.

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