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Eid Prayer at ICCF

At our Center, we perform the Eid prayers after reliable reporting of the sighting of the new moon anywhere in the world.
According, the new moon will not be visible anywhere in the world Monday evening. We will, however, keep track and will update our website, Facebook and send out another newsletter either way on Monday night. Please check again through midnight Monday night, and even as early as fajr on Tuesday morning for any update.
If nothing changes, we will pray on Wednesday, June 5th.
On that day, we will gather for the takbeerat at 7:30am. The Eid prayer will begin promptly at 8:00am. Please be on time as to respect those who need to go on to work that day.
The prayer will be followed by a potluck breakfast, so please bring a vegetarian dish to share!!
Additionally, on or before the time of the Eid prayer, each head of household is responsible to pay zakat al-fitr on behalf of each member of the household or those they are monetarily responsible for. You may calculate this yourself (6.6lbs of your basic food staple) and pay its value in food or money to one who is in need. If you prefer, ICCF collects zakat al-fitr and distributes in on your behalf. We have calculated the minimum per person to be $15.00.
We look forward to seeing all of you and may your Eid be filled with love and joy!

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