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In what ways could members of the community best offer support to your center and members against the current anti-Islamic climate? There are many of us who want to stand up with/for you. Where do we start?


In The Name of Allah I theologue, Twelver Shi'a, graduate and doctorate from Afghanistan Ahl al-Bayt (Peace be upon them), from Qom in Iran. I was invited to a conference in America that will be held in March 2017 in Newport University. I need a residence visa. Thank you very much if you can . . . → Read More: Teaching

Pre Preparation – Gusl and Janaza for My loved one


I have made all arrangements for my mother's funeral including burial except for the Gusl and Janaza. What is current requirements for performing the Gusl and Janaza if it is not done at the ICC.

The funeral company has made provisions for the Gusl at their Mortuary. And the funeral is . . . → Read More: Pre Preparation – Gusl and Janaza for My loved one

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