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Condemning the Killings in Sri Lanka

It is with a heavy heart, with a sense of helplessness and with deep sorrow that the board of ICCF, its congregants and the larger Central Valley Muslim Community react to the senseless killings of upward of 200 innocent lives at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, a most sacred commemoration for our Christian brothers and sisters.  We offer our heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families and to their communities as we stand with them in prayer, determined not to bend to the cowardice of evil.

As these acts of terror become more frequent, no community is spared at the hands of those who want to impose their will by force and destruction.  Jews, Christians, Muslims and people of all faiths are under attack.  In the space of a few weeks, we have witnessed crimes against worshippers at synagogues, churches and mosques around the world.  Martyred innocent souls pay the price of fanatism, bigotry, intolerance and hatred, which are becoming more prevalent and bolder in their expressions and their disregard for the sanctity of life.  We know that those who plan and commit these acts intend to instill fear and to divide us while they rejoice at the mayhem they create.  However, we believe in love and compassion for our neighbors and for our larger community, we believe that we are all creatures of God and that there is no compulsion in religion, as the Qur’an teaches us.

We ask our government and governments around the world to do more to bring the perpetrators of evil to justice and to protect religious freedom and institutions.  We pray that God grant the families and friends of all affected the strength to endure the hardship they now face.  We pray for justice and for not having to write more of these messages of sorrow.

Peace be with all.

Nowruz 2019

“The Holy Qur’an & Unity Conference”

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno is honored to be among the co-sponsors of this wonderful event bringing all Muslims together for a better understanding.


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