Message from Board of Directors

In the name of God, the most Merciful the most Beneficent
After 20 years of service to all faiths and cultures in our community, the board of Directors (and founders of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno) have decided to pause and reflect on the future of this non-profit institution.  While in the last two years our nation has seen many houses of worship close their doors permanently, ICCF is marking a halt while we assess the future direction the center will take.  At this point in time, and based on the current expenses vs. attendance ratio, it is prudent for the center to shut its doors.  This pause will allow for more analysis and better clarity regarding the path to follow.  However, the numerous philanthropic activities under the umbrella of ICCF locally, nationally and in various countries around the world will continue.
Please trust that this decision did not come easily and was not taken lightly.  It was reached after profound introspection, reflection, and consideration of the impact this may have locally.  We thank each one of you, who have supported, worshipped, and attended events at ICCF over the last two decades.  We are grateful to God for his guidance, for the spiritual leadership of Seyed Ali Ghazvini, for the tireless work of the directors who endeavored for a smooth operation of the center, for the many members of the board of trustees who carried our vision, and for the many staff and volunteers whose help and dedication made the community feel at home.
The center will be officially closed after Friday prayers on January 27, 2023.
Board of Directors

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