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ICCF Hosts Historic Meeting of Muslim Leaders


Last night, ICCF proudly hosted an historic meeting of a diverse group of Muslim leaders in the Central Valley.  The meeting was very productive and positive and the group was able to accomplish two crucial goals: 

  • They have agreed to form the Valley’s first ever “Muslim Advisory Council of the Central Valley”; an effort to bridge together the many valuable organizations and groups to work for our common objectives in the community.
  • They signed a vital document for the future of Islam in the Central Valley: “A Code of Ethical Conduct between Muslim Leaders in the Central Valley of California.” (See Text Below)


We would like to congratulate the entire community at large for this major achievement and we pray to God Almighty that this new coalition will strengthen us and promote the collective interests of all.


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

A Code of Ethics between Muslim Leaders in the Central Valley of California

WHERAS WE, the Muslims of the Central Valley, comprise a very diverse Muslim community: reflecting the rich diverse ethnic and religious mosaic that makes up the Muslim Ummah.

WHEREAS the core foundations of the Muslim faith of all schools of thought, stems on the same core principles and values, which provides an environment of respect, tolerance of different opinions and mutual cooperation thus forming a united Ummah.

WHEREAS WE, as Muslims in America, strive to live in harmony, and agree that the challenges of the future should supersede the problems of the past, are keen to offer help and join hands with all who wish well for our Ummah, creating a positive space where all can come together in harmony based on Islamic values and principles.

WE are resolved to prevent situations where disagreements become reasons for divisiveness and disunity amongst all Muslims and organizations.

WE acknowledge that great leaders before us have laid the groundwork for such partnerships and documents and we are indebted to their hard work and visions, may Allah reward all of them.

To this end, we establish that:

1. No organization or group shall propagate or tolerate rhetoric of takfir (charging with unbelief) of any who:

  • Believe in the absolute oneness and supremacy of Allah without any partners.
  • Affirm that Muhammad (S) is the seal of the prophets and the last recipient of divine scripture.
  • Believe in the viability and authenticity of the Glorious Qur’an as the absolute word of Allah.
  • Face the Holy Qibla (direction of the Ka’bah) in prayers.

2. We shall respect each other and our differences and be sensitive to the personalities, places and events that any group amongst us hold in esteem. Even if our respective reading of history leads us to disagree on the importance or role thereof, we shall only express ourselves in language which abides by proper Islamic etiquette and is neither inflammatory nor insulting.

3. We shall avoid hate and condescending speech in our midst and join to condemn violent rhetoric by reasonable means. In addition, we shall use all reasonable measures to prevent the dissemination to the public of local or imported literature that is divisive, inflammatory and irrelevant to the future of Islam in America.

4. The sanctity of our houses of worship, undiminished by their differences, deserve protection. We resolve that the safety and sanctity of our places of worship are a unified concern and deserve support of the entire community.

5. We call on our leaders and scholars from all traditions to form a positive space for reconciliation and cooperation to facilitate responses that challenge our intra-faith unity. In addition, we establish the “Muslim Advisory Council of the Central Valley” whose objective would be creating harmony and unity within our community.

6. While the precarious international situation will no doubt heighten our concern and activism, we are resolved to campaign in an inclusive, civilized manner and we stand united against all violence and extremism.

7. Above all, we shall emphasize areas of commonality, the virtue of compassion and empathy and the awareness that Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein and He the Almighty is recording our thoughts and intentions, as well as our words and deeds.