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Eid Prayer at ICCF

The month of Ramadan is winding down and we will soon be celebrating Eid ul-Fitr together.  We have had a wonderful holy month at the Center and we thank all of you for taking part in our programs and for the financial and moral support you have shown your community.


Eid will either fall on Friday 7/17 or Saturday 7/18.  Please check for our Newsletter, or visit our website or Facebook on Thursday evening for updates. 


On the day of Eid we will gather for the Takbirat at 7:30AM and the Eid Prayer will begin at 8:00AM sharp.

After the prayer and speech we will share a potluck breakfast together.


We are still in need of some rugs for our main hall, please contact the Center if you are able to bring them for use for the prayer.


Zakat ul-Fitr

On the day of Eid, every head of the household is required to pay Zakat ul-Fitr for every member of the home.  In addition, that individual is also responsible for those staying in the home and any dependents they are responsible for even if living elsewhere.


ICCF has calculated the Zakat for each person at $15.00 but you may pay more.  You can either pay it to someone you know is in need, or you may deposit in the boxes at the Center and we will distribute it accordingly to those in need.

Please call the center for details, 559-297-9535