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ICCF Condemns Terrorism and Call for Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno condemns all acts of violence and terror.

Today, we mourn many deaths and we pray for the families, friends, and communities of the victims of senseless acts of violence.

 *Just a day ago, ISIS claimed responsibility for bombings that claimed more than 40 lives in Beirut, Lebanon.


*Yesterday, in Baghdad, Iraq, attacks against Shi’a Muslims and their houses of worship left at least 15 people dead.


*Today as our Friday prayer came to an end, we were horrified by the news of the multiple attacks in Paris killing dozens and injuring scores.  Though no one has claimed responsibility, and the total number of deaths and injuries in not yet confirmed, it is our moral duty to stand up and condemn such acts of violence and distance ourselves and our faith from these criminals and their heinous crimes.

Dear community members and friends, statements like these and the attacks that prompt them are becoming far too often.   Terrorism is a  serious global threat, whether it is racially or religiously motivated, or for the purpose of gaining geopolitical power.  These murderers and their ideologies are not only a threat to peace, but to global security.  The world must come together to not only stand against extremism in all of its forms, but must also actively combat it.  We pray that our Administration, the Congress and the world leaders focus their efforts on combating and eradicating the world of hatred and violent ideologies.


Join us at ICCF on Friday, 11/20, at 6:00PM for a multi-faith prayer vigil as we pray for an end to violence and for the victims, their families, friends, and communities.