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Raising Funds to Help Victims of the Blast in Lebanon

On the evening of Tuesday August 4, a horrific explosion shook the capital of Lebanon. The deflagration could be heard and felt 15 miles away from its origin at the port of Beirut. Buildings within a short perimeter from the explosion were destroyed beyond use and those at the edge of its reach had windows blown away.
So far, there are an estimated 1,500 people missing, 5,000 wounded, 300,000 displaced people and 100+ confirmed deaths. The death toll will undoubtedly rise in the days to come. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.
Lebanon is a country already in political and economic turmoil. Add to the mix the roughly 1.5 million Syrian refugees that the country has shouldered, and the Covid-19 pandemic and you have a horrible humanitarian crisis. By accounts on the ground, hospitals are already full, and some had to evacuate their patients to other hospitals due to lack of electricity.
Lebanese citizens who lived through 15 years of civil war as first responders state that they have not seen anything like this devastation.
The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno is raising funds to help the people of Lebanon. Any amount you give will serve to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by this catastrophe.
Please, give generously either by sending a check to:
2111 E. Nees Ave Fresno, CA 93720
or by Credit/Debit card online here.
Your donations are tax deductible and our Federal ID is #91-2155316