How Can I Help the Islamic Center?

We welcome donations to support our general operating costs, which offer the most flexibility in directing funds where the need is greatest.

Subscribe to ICCF monthly donation option using PayPal.

Monthly Options

One-Time Credit/Debit Card Donation

You may securely donate via credit card using PayPal.

Regular Monthly Automatic Withdrawals
Fill out the Automatic Monthly Withdrawal form(Click here) and mail it to the Center along with a voided check.


Check Donations

Please mail your check to the following address:

Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno

2111 East Nees Ave

Fresno, CA 93720


Additional Ways to Contribute to ICCF / Zakat, Khums & Sadaqa
Save Mart Shares Program

Enroll in the Save Mart program by stopping by and giving your name to the Islamic Center. We will give you a card to swipe at Save Mart & Food Maxx.  3% percent of your purchase will be donated to the Islamic Center.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds or Real Estate

Avoid capital gains taxes by donating shares of appreciated stock or real estate directly to the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno. Consult with your CPA or tax adviser regarding other tax benefits.


We highly encourage you to make plans to name the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno as a beneficiary to all or part of your estate in your will or trust. Consult with your financial planner.


The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno can be named as the primary or secondary beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Vehicle Donation

The Center welcomes this form of in-kind contributions. Consult with your CPA or tax adviser regarding the full amount of tax-exempt deductions you may claim for these kinds of in-kind donations.

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno does not accept any funding from foreign governments as a matter of policy. The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno is a non-profit 501© 3 organization and donations to ICCF are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID: 91-2155316

ICCF Programs

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno has established special programs that you may support as well. A partial list of our special programs includes:

A Gift of the Quran The Islamic Center distribute free copies of the Quran to those who submit the Quran Request Form on our website and to our guests who tour the Islamic Center on daily basis

Friday Lunch Program The Islamic Center offers complimentary lunches to all who attend the Friday Juma prayer. This weekly gathering strengthens the bond among Muslim individuals and families. It has also attracted non-Muslim guests to join our community and helped new Muslims make new friends.

Emergency Assistance The Islamic Center assists local families at times of crisis. Among such areas include temporary financial assistance to cover housing rental fees, utility bills payments, physicians and prescription medications costs and grocery coupons.

Burial Services The Islamic Center provides burial services free of charge to our families at times of need. Our trained staff and volunteers perform all the duties of a funeral director, with prior consent and through direct consultation with the family of the deceased, perform the rights of the deceased by preparing the body of burial, conduct the funeral prayers at the Islamic Center and the cemetery. Also, we open the doors of the Islamic Center to be used for memorial services.

Food Distribution ICCF distributes halal meat and canned foods to needy Muslim families and organizes food drives to benefit local shelters and homeless advocacy groups. Our youths volunteer to serve meals to the needy in our community.

Cultural Diversity Training The Islamic Center conducts regular workshops to demystify Islam and increase community awareness. Such workshops include “Working with the Muslim Community” that is given on a weekly basis to the Fresno Police Department. Other law enforcement agencies that received this training include the FBI and the US Attorney’s offices in Fresno and Sacramento. A similar workshop titled “Taking Care of Muslim Patients” is currently being developed to train the Fresno/Clovis hospitals.

Ramadan Outreach The Islamic Center organizes Ramadan Iftar, break-the-fast dinner programs, which are heavily attended by local government representatives, faith leaders, educators and community organizations. Such gatherings strengthen our friendship and partnerships with our diverse community.