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ICCF Youth Groups

young adults

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno has three groups created and organized by and for our youth.  In addition to the biweekly meetings of each group, they have also gone out to restaurants and fun centers together and volunteered together.


 Groups are:

ICCF Kids for ages 4-8

ICCF Youth for ages 9-14

ICCF Young Adults for ages 15-25 

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ICCF Young Adults

This group meets every other Friday at 6:00PM.  A topic leader is chosen the meeting before and a subject of interest for the group is discussed.  Topics previously discussed and debated are: moral relativism, gender roles, peer pressure, waste and responsible use, and many more.  The discussions are lively and everyone has a chance to participate.  All perspectives and comments are welcome and respected.



ICCF Kids and ICCF Youth

The young ICCF community meets every other Friday at 6:00PM.  They first are taught a lesson about religion, manners, friendship, and many other great topics, and then have an activity together (games, movies, arts & crafts, video game competitions, etc.)


The ICCF Youth Board

In addition to the wonderful programs and projects that the Youth and Young Adult groups have been conducting, they have also established a board and voted in officers.  This board meets on a monthly basis and the President also sits on the general board of ICCF.  The board is responsible for all programming and planning for all three groups.


The list of ICCF Youth Board members:

Jihad Wren-President

Zakee Naqvi-Vice President

 Leyla Zakeri-Secretary

Summer al-Hamdani-Activities Coordinator

Ishaq Ali-Outreach Coordinator

Nadia Jassim-Member

Hajar Hassan-Member


The groups meet on alternate Fridays and you can get more info by calling ICCF at 559-297-9535 or emailing [email protected].



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