Since its opening in 2001, the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno has worked to promote an un-distorted, sincere and peaceful image of Islam and the American Muslim community. They have worked to do so by building community and relationships with religious organizations and centers, schools and districts, civic leaders and offices, and more.

In addition to religious and cultural understanding programs, ICCF is civically engaged (registering and educating voters, operating as a polling site, and bringing in those in office or running for office for encounters) and works to bring about understanding between its congregants and elected officials for greater community building.

ICCF is also a strong proponent of both inter and intra faith relationship building. As an interfaith leader, ICCF and its members are actively involved in just about every interfaith event and project in our community. As an intra-faith leader, ICCF actively leads the way in engaging all centers and organizations within the Muslim community to foster peace and to develop a greater sense of the Muslim American identity and what that means in the Central Valley.