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Muharram Programs 2018

Join us every evening from Sunday, September 16th through Thursday, September 20th as we honor the movement of Imam al-Husayn (a)! Each night we will gather at 7:00pm for prayer followed by a program and then dinner.

Every year, many Muslims around the world gather during the month of Muharram to honor the life and sacrifice of Imam al-Husayn (A), the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (S).
In the year 680 C.E., not even five decades after the passing of Prophet Muhammad, Imam al-Husayn, along with his family and companions, left their homes to escape persecution and avoid blood shed. They arrived in a place called Karbala in today’s Iraq. A massive army of the Emperor Yezid, who had illegitimately seized rule of the vast Muslim territories, surrounded the camp of Imam al-Husayn and demanded that he pledge allegiance to the ruler, an act that was impossible for Imam al-Husayn who was a man of peace, integrity, and most importantly-justice. He stated that “…I did not revolt for the cause of evil tyranny or corruption, but to reform the nation of my grandfather. I want to enjoin the good and denounce the evil, and take the course of my father and grandfather.”
Due to this refusal, the massive army tortured the camp by cutting them off from water for three days and finally slaughtering the men, the youth and even a six month old baby. In the end, 72 men and boys were martyred and the women and one young man were captured and brought before the emperor.
Muslims honor this movement because it is a stand for justice and a call to the true teachings of Islam which glorifies justice, peace, integrity, dignity, and equality.

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