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Islam: A Religion of Balance & Moderation

mavani September 2015

Our Jesus Commands Us To Love Our Neighbor… What Does Your Jesus Say?

 Jesus, Peace be upon him, said
“…Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”
-The Gospel of Matthew 22:39
Peace be upon all of you!
The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno has been a strong, and outspoken voice against the dangers of ISIS and like-minded criminals and has been firm in denouncing them.  We have also been warning against widespread Islamophobia within our community and the wrongful association of our faith and people, who are peace-loving, law-abiding members of our society, with the likes of ISIS and other extremists.  This is why we organized our successful “ISIS vs. ISLAM” program and why Imam Ghazvini has dedicated so many sermons to the issue of peace and the need for the Muslims and the world to deal with the global threat of ISIS.

Unfortunately, one of our neighboring religious institutions just a half-a-block away is conducting a two week lecture series which we believe does not clearly delineate violent extremists, driven by hatred, and our faith, which clearly and firmly promotes love and peace.

Therefore, Imam Ghazvini will dedicate a sermon at this Friday’s prayer service titled “We are your neighbors, we love you, and we pray for you!”  He will emphasize the teachings and commands of our faith and that of all of the prophets of God, including the Holy Prophet Jesus, Peace and Blessings be upon him, to love your neighbors.
Community members and friends of other faiths are most welcomed to join us for this service tomorrow, 8/21, at 1:00PM.
He will also send a bouquet of flowers to the church on two consecutive Sundays expressing the love from the Muslim community has for their neighbors.
In the accompanying note, it will read:
“Imam Ghazvini would like to ask his respected neighbors to allow him an opportunity to represent the Muslim community and their views on ISIS so that your congregation may hear both sides of the argument and then judge for themselves.  Unfortunately, our faith has been hijacked by violent criminals, please do not let Jesus be hijacked!”
He wished to have been here to deliver the bouquets himself, but due to previous arrangements he will not be in town.
We are grateful to our community and our city for their friendship and pray that we only grow from here.

Imam Seyed Ali Ghazvini & Rev. Norman Broadbent on Valley Public Radio


Imam Ghazvini and Rev. Broadbent were on Valley Public Radio discussing ISIS and our panel discussion ISIS vs. Islam.

Link to the audio here