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Diversity Training

ICCF Leads Cultural Diversity Seminar to US Army Diversity Officers

Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno hosts religious and cultural diversity training seminars which is part of the Center’s efforts to demystify  Islam and solidify Muslims’ partnership with the various law enforcement agencies.

The training has been offered to hundreds of Fresno Police Department personnel, the FBI, and US Attorney General’s teams in Fresno and Sacramento.

For additional info, email [email protected] or call 297-9535.



ICCF Diverse Training Program:

Islamic Center has prepared cultural and religious diversity seminars to fellow Americans so you will get to know Muslims and address issues of mutual concern. In addition, the Center has prepared special seminars to address the needs of law enforcement agencies, medical providers, educators and media agencies. The seminars provide information that will enhance the cultural competency of the participants and shed light on issues pertinent to the Muslim community.

General outline of the presentations include the following:

  • Basic Beliefs of Muslim
  • Islamic practices, holidays and rituals
  • Islamophobia and hate crimes
  • Contributions of American Muslims
  • The American Muslim Identity
  • Muslim women and Leadership (leadership roles at home and Islamic institutions)

Law Enforcement:

The two-hour training seminar is designed to address prejudice faced by Muslims, provide an overview of Muslim cultures, review protocols for effective interaction in policing, and build cooperative relationships.

This training covers the following subjects:

  • Cultural competency in law enforcement
  • Common perceptions of Muslims & Muslim perception of law enforcement, sources, consequences & impact on the community
  • Muslim cultures
  • Demographics
  • Overview of the contemporary Muslim World
  • Political Islam & terrorism
  • Suggested Protocols for Interaction with Muslims and their institutions
  • Opportunities for cooperation between local Muslims and law enforcement agencies

Training Benefits:

Improved community policing through understanding Muslim cultures. More effective interaction with Muslims as potential victims of hate crimes or as witnesses.

Health Care Providers:

With the increase in religious and cultural diversity of the population of the United States, the Islamic Center strives to educate physicians on cultural misunderstandings or mis-communication that may hinder the care of Muslim patients, introduce the basics of Islam and Muslim cultural practices and offer a wide perspective on specific issues. Among such issues is diet, gender issues, birth and death considerations. In addition, other topics may include Islamic view on blood transfusions, abortions, autopsies, and other common procedures.

This training covers the following subjects:

  • Muslim culture: terminology, demographics, beliefs and practices
  • Implications for health care providers: Islamic views on sickness.
  • Islamic values relating to health, family system, cleanliness, prayers, fasting, diet, dress code, gender issues, reproductive issues, labor & delivery, post-partum
  • Islamic views on end of life, terminal illness, life support, hospice care, after death, organ donations

Presentations can also be tailored to focus on specific clinical procedures:

  • Series of articles about local Muslims — population, ethnic makeup, Islamic centers, organizations, demographics , history of community
  • Islamic teachings, practices, holidays
  • General story that describes Ramadan — Islamic month of fasting — rituals and festivities
  • Ramadan rituals of the fast. Consider going to either a private or community Ramadan iftar gathering, where you could participate in breaking the fast and sampling different ethnic dishes

Media Training:

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the Muslim community has suffered from an increase of negative publicity due to the focus on the words and actions of an extreme Muslims rather than reflecting the opinions and highlighting the activities of the majority of mainstream American Muslims. The goal of this training is to offer insight about Islam, suggestions for stories and focus on cultural sensitivity.

Story ideas: (basic introduction):

  • Feature local Muslims and their diverse ethnic makeup, Islamic centers, organizations, demographics,
    and history of community
  • Islamic teachings, practices, holidays
  • Ramadan and fasting, rituals and celebrations
  • Ramadan break-the-fast community gathering, food sampling from various ethnic backgrounds

Story ideas during Ramadan:

  • Islamic Calendar: Muslim New Year and Ashura in Sunni & Shia perspective
  • Working Muslim women and fasting in the Workplace
  • Student’s first fasting (for children around 10 years old)
  • Challenges of Ramadan: Sports, attire and day to day activities.
  • Muslim Charitable giving during Ramadan

Community Profile:

  • New Muslim Converts
  • Interfaith Understanding and dialogue
  • Quran in Relation to the Bible and Torah
  • Islam in US prisons and the Muslim chaplain

Living as a Muslim minority in the US:

  • Schools; private, public and home schooling
  • Muslim Student Associations – Religion on Campus
  • Marriage in Islam – How do Muslims get married?
  • Islamic Health Practices
  • Islamic Consumer Products, e.g. greeting cards for Islamic holidays
  • Dietary guidelines, Halal meat and Muslim Restaurants
  • Muslim-owned Businesses
  • Profile of immigrant story
  • Muslims and the political process
  • Muslims and stereotypes

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno has successfully trained members of The Fresno Police Department, the local FBI, Fresno US Attorney Office and the Sacramento US Attorney’s Office. To schedule a diversity training seminar, call Islamic Center at (559) 297-9535 or email  [email protected]